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Invasive Bittersweet

        You know how when you were a kid there were things in your house that were just always there but you didn’t give them much thought or ask any questions about them?  When I was a kid, my mother had a plastic decoration with brown stems and little red berries with orange-y wing-like things [Continue]

Honeysuckle – A Sweet Invader

Who doesn’t adore the sweet smell of honeysuckle?  There is nothing more delightful than walking down a trail perfumed with honeysuckle in early June.  However, behind the sweetness lurks a wicked invader.  Those fragrant swaths of honeysuckle are unfortunately growing quickly larger and destroying all kinds of good things in their paths. There are many [Continue]

Jumping Worms

  Most gardeners know that earthworms in a garden are an indicator of healthy soil.  In fact, worm castings (a/k/a poop) are one of the best fertilizers for a garden.  You can buy bags of the stuff and it isn’t disgusting or smelly.  It looks like coffee grounds.        But there’s a new worm in [Continue]

Autumn Olive

I like to know the names of all the plants I see regularly on my daily walk.  Not being able to identify something gives me the same uncomfortable feeling I get when I see words written in a foreign language.  Just a little lost and ill at ease.  One morning last summer, I noticed a [Continue]


I thought somebody threw spaghetti in the ditch!  Again.  Actually I have found spaghetti in the ditch along our country road, among many other strange things.  I’m sure Badger Sportsman readers aren’t the ones bringing their broken TVs, couches, bags of salt, pumpkin pies, old tires, deep fryers, kittens, dogs and yard waste out to [Continue]

Starry Stonewort

        Starry stonewort.  Such a cool name, isn’t it?  It looks kind of nifty too.   I wish there were good things to say about it, but unfortunately starry stonewort is an aquatic invasive species, so here comes the bad news . . .         Starry stonewort is actually an algae, but it doesn’t look like [Continue]