Tag: Edible Wild Plants

Jerusalem Artichoke

        In late summer there are many different yellow sunflower-ish flowers blooming in sunny spots in roadside ditches, along trails and field-side.  One of these tall yellow bloomers is Jerusalem artichoke and there is a delicious edible vegetable growing underground beneath it.  These 6’-9’ tall plants are in the sunflower family and produce yellow 4” [Continue]

Beautiful, Edible Fireweed

      For many Septembers, my husband and I have traveled to Canada for duck and grouse hunting.  The drive is twelve hours long and when it’s not my turn to drive, I usually have my eyes turned to the roadside ditches to see what’s growing there.  (There really isn’t much else to look at in [Continue]

White Pine Can Save You!

You probably think a pine tree just stands there year after year, shedding a few needles, getting a little taller and not changing much at all.  Most people don’t know that many parts of the white pine are edible.  It would be a shame to find yourself in a survival situation and not know that [Continue]

Higbush Cranberry

Highbush cranberry isn’t a true cranberry, although the berries are similar in both taste and appearance.  The Latin name is Viburnum opulus var. americanum, which is important to know if you buy plants for growing cranberries for your own consumption or to support wildlife. Highbush cranberries are multi-stemmed shrubs growing 10–15 feet tall and 10-12 [Continue]

Wild Plum (Prunus americana)

When the forest is still a dreary brown and gray in April, a graceful spray of white flowers might catch your eye.  These are the flowers of the wild plum.  Wild plum trees and shrubs can be found in prairies, woodlands, pastures, and hedgerows, and along roadsides and riverbanks.  They may be multi-stemmed shrubs or [Continue]

Evening Primrose

If you are male, you’ve likely never heard of evening primrose.  If you are female, you may have, especially if you are interested in natural health remedies.  Without going into detail, evening primrose oil is said to help with a range of “female problems.”  It is also effective for a long list of other maladies [Continue]