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Hoya Thrives on Neglect

When the leaves are off the low branch of the oak tree in winter, the view from my recliner lines up perfectly with my neighbors’ kitchen window.  Even if I were a nosy neighbor, I couldn’t see into their kitchen if I wanted to because a houseplant called hoya completely obscures their window.       While [Continue]

No Potting Soil Needed for Air Plants

If you want an easy-to-care for houseplant without the mess of potting soil, one of the 650 species of air plants, called Tillandsia, are for you.          Air plants have slender, strappy leaves resembling pineapple tops, but of a finer nature.  Most have spectacular tubular or funnel-shaped flowers lasting from several days to several months.  [Continue]

Caring For Holiday Gift Plants

Most plants given for holiday gifts – poinsettias, Christmas cactuses, kalanchoes, cypresses, and others – originate in tropical regions and cannot tolerate our cold winter temperatures, even for a few minutes.        Special care must be taken in transporting these tender plants outdoors.  Protect them with as many layers of paper, plastic, towels or blankets [Continue]

Paperwhites and Amaryllis for Christmas Gifts

Two Christmas gifts advertised annually allow gardeners and non-gardeners alike to grow something pretty in the midst of winter.  Paperwhites and amaryllis are easy to grow regardless of the greenness of your thumbs.         Paperwhites have delicate white, star-shaped flowers growing atop tall stems.  Long, flat, strappy leaves look like those of daffodils.  In fact, [Continue]

Miniature Christmas trees from the grocery store

This time of year just about every grocery, department and drug store features a beautiful display of live miniature Christmas trees as soon as you walk in the door. They are beautiful, healthy-looking trees and include Norfolk Island pines, various cypresses, holly and rosemary. After they’ve served their purpose as winter decoration, many people hope [Continue]

Protect indoor plants from cold

      One frigid winter night I stepped out the door carrying a beautifully blooming kalanchoe houseplant loosely protected with plastic, a housewarming gift for my neighbor.  Ninety seconds later when I arrived at my new neighbor’s door, the kalanchoe was dead.       The lesson here is that most houseplants originate in tropical regions and cannot [Continue]

Give your houseplants a summer vacation

      Giving your houseplants a summer vacation outdoors will revitalize them with better air circulation, increased light and more humidity.  Remember though, that the plants aren’t used to cool night time temperatures, hot sun and wind.  So go easy and gradual.       Wait until there is no chance of frost, and night time temperatures are [Continue]

Help new houseplants adjust to your home

      In real estate sales the buzzwords are “location, location, location” and the same is true for healthy houseplants.  After over- and under-watering, improper amount of light is the next leading cause of failure of houseplants to thrive.        Many of our indoor plants are tropical plants shipped from nurseries in Florida.  They are accustomed [Continue]