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Jerusalem Artichokes Provide Beauty and Food

      You’ve probably seen Jerusalem artichokes growing in roadside ditches or along trails and not known that there was a delicious edible vegetable growing below ground.  These 6’-9’ tall plants are in the sunflower family and produce bright yellow late summer flowers about 4” in diameter.  The leaves have a rough, hairy texture and range [Continue]

Parsley is 2021 Herb of the Year

      The International Herb Association has chosen parsley for its 2021 Herb of the Year.  Now wait . . . don’t throw this article aside like you might toss aside the parsley served by a restaurant along with your entrée.  That restaurant parsley had likely been stored, shipped a long distance, and stored again before [Continue]


      In my opinion, one of the most beautiful features in any home landscape is a vegetable garden.  Not everyone agrees.  In fact, some homeowner’s associations specifically prohibit vegetable gardens.  But just because you don’t have space for a vegetable garden or are forbidden to have one doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own food. [Continue]