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Plant a Native Woodland Shade Garden

February 18, 2018 lawanda Newspaper Columns

What are some good plants for shade gardens?  The first answers to that question that come to mind for most people are hostas and ferns, right? There are better answers to the question.  Native woodland plants provide beauty as well as ecological services in the form of food and shelter for insects, birds and larger […]


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Add Native Plants to Attract Birds

December 17, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Numerous birdseed mixes are sold so humans can help birds survive the winter months.  Each is blended for certain target bird population.  There are songbird mixes, woodland bird mixes, blends specific to mourning doves or finches, waste-free mixes, and regional blends, as well as single ingredient bags of sunflower seeds, safflower seed and thistle seed.  […]


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Higbush Cranberry

October 15, 2017 lawanda Uncategorized

Highbush cranberry isn’t a true cranberry, although the berries are similar in both taste and appearance.  The Latin name is Viburnum opulus var. americanum, which is important to know if you buy plants for growing cranberries for your own consumption or to support wildlife. Highbush cranberries are multi-stemmed shrubs growing 10–15 feet tall and 10-12 […]


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Native Plants Shine in Autumn

September 3, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

There are two times of year when native plants are at their best  early spring when the spring ephemerals cover the forest floor, and late summer/early fall when the prairie plants shine. Here is a quick review of what native plants are and why we should plant them.  Natives are those that were growing in […]


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