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Jerusalem Artichoke

        In late summer there are many different yellow sunflower-ish flowers blooming in sunny spots in roadside ditches, along trails and field-side.  One of these tall yellow bloomers is Jerusalem artichoke and there is a delicious edible vegetable growing underground beneath it.  These 6’-9’ tall plants are in the sunflower family and produce yellow 4” [Continue]

Porcelain Berry Vine

      My husband and I lost most of our chicken flock to an unknown predator in one night of terror last summer.  After a little research, we decided to replace them with Easter Egger chickens.  Easter Eggers’ eggs range in color from blue to green to pink, coming right out of the chicken looking like [Continue]

Beautiful, Edible Fireweed

      For many Septembers, my husband and I have traveled to Canada for duck and grouse hunting.  The drive is twelve hours long and when it’s not my turn to drive, I usually have my eyes turned to the roadside ditches to see what’s growing there.  (There really isn’t much else to look at in [Continue]

Are You in Violation of NR40?

        I would bet that 95% of property owners reading this have one or more plant species on their property that violates NR40, the Wisconsin DNR’s invasive species rule.         Some of you know that you do.  Perhaps you’ve got a woodland where invasive buckthorn or garlic mustard is past any chance of control.  Or [Continue]

The Majestic Oak

Along with maple, the tree that most Wisconsinites can identify is the mighty oak.  My entirely unscientific research turned up hundreds of poems written about oak trees, almost as many as are written about love and love lost.  Often people will leave an oak standing in an inconvenient location rather than fell it.  In 2004 [Continue]