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Goatsbeard – Lucy’s Roadside Snack

November 19, 2018 lawanda Magazine Columns

Our golden retriever, Lucy, left us last spring at age fourteen.  She was always very helpful in the kitchen and garden, eating overgrown green beans, apple and pear cores, kale stalks and pretty much every other leftover vegetable and fruit except rhubarb.  Lucy treated our early morning walks as trips down a buffet line.  Depending […]


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Honeysuckle – A Sweet Invader

September 9, 2018 lawanda Magazine Columns

Who doesn’t adore the sweet smell of honeysuckle?  There is nothing more delightful than walking down a trail perfumed with honeysuckle in early June.  However, behind the sweetness lurks a wicked invader.  Those fragrant swaths of honeysuckle are unfortunately growing quickly larger and destroying all kinds of good things in their paths. There are many […]


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Autumn Olive

May 9, 2018 lawanda Magazine Columns

I like to know the names of all the plants I see regularly on my daily walk.  Not being able to identify something gives me the same uncomfortable feeling I get when I see words written in a foreign language.  Just a little lost and ill at ease.  One morning last summer, I noticed a […]


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Getting to Know Spring Wildflowers

March 15, 2018 lawanda Magazine Columns

Woodlands are magnificent places in early spring as ephemeral wildflowers blanket the forest floor.  Here are just a few of the beauties you might see on your trek through the woods.  Skunk Cabbage Skunk cabbage grows along streams and wetlands and is the first wildflower up in spring, sometimes even pushing through ice and snow.  […]


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Duck Potato (Wapato) For Everbody But Ducks

January 14, 2018 lawanda Magazine Columns

Well, this just seems wrong.  Wouldn’t you figure that a plant called duck potato would be something that ducks would eat?  Not so, and for a couple of reasons.  More on that later. I’ve seen duck potato plants all my life, but didn’t know what they were.  I called them arrowhead plants for lack of […]


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Wild Apples

September 7, 2017 lawanda Magazine Columns

Do you remember the story of Johnny Appleseed from grade school?  It is more than just a story; Johnny Appleseed was a real person named John Chapman, born in 1774.  Legend has it that he spent years walking throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia and Ontario, Canada randomly dropping apple seeds along the way.  […]


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Starry Stonewort

July 17, 2017 lawanda Magazine Columns

        Starry stonewort.  Such a cool name, isn’t it?  It looks kind of nifty too.   I wish there were good things to say about it, but unfortunately starry stonewort is an aquatic invasive species, so here comes the bad news . . .         Starry stonewort is actually an algae, but it doesn’t look like […]


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Wild Plum (Prunus americana)

May 4, 2017 lawanda Magazine Columns

When the forest is still a dreary brown and gray in April, a graceful spray of white flowers might catch your eye.  These are the flowers of the wild plum.  Wild plum trees and shrubs can be found in prairies, woodlands, pastures, and hedgerows, and along roadsides and riverbanks.  They may be multi-stemmed shrubs or […]


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Butterfly Weed is 2017 Perennial Plant of the Year

March 19, 2017 lawanda Magazine Columns

The Perennial Plant Association has chosen butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa, as its 2017 Perennial Plant of the Year.  You might wonder at the choice of a plant with “weed” in its name, but this beautiful plant is anything buy weedy.  It is a versatile plant that is at home in both formal landscapes and more […]


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A Trio of Alien Invaders

March 9, 2017 lawanda Magazine Columns

Sometimes landscape plants in our own yards are invasive and we may not even be aware of it.  These plants may be the cause of environmental disruption in natural areas nearby or even miles away.  Here are three common alien invader landscape plants that are classified RESTRICTED by the Wisconsin DNR.  You are not required […]


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