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Honeysuckle – A Sweet Invader

September 9, 2018 lawanda Magazine Columns

Who doesn’t adore the sweet smell of honeysuckle?  There is nothing more delightful than walking down a trail perfumed with honeysuckle in early June.  However, behind the sweetness lurks a wicked invader.  Those fragrant swaths of honeysuckle are unfortunately growing quickly larger and destroying all kinds of good things in their paths. There are many […]


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Buttonbush is an Eye-Catcher

August 5, 2018 lawanda Newspaper Columns

A few weeks ago my husband and I were taking our usual morning walk alongside Lake Butte des Morts.  While his gaze turns upward toward waterfowl and songbirds, my eyes are drawn to the sides of the trail and the plants that grow there.  This particular morning I was stopped in my tracks by the […]


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Higbush Cranberry

October 15, 2017 lawanda Uncategorized

Highbush cranberry isn’t a true cranberry, although the berries are similar in both taste and appearance.  The Latin name is Viburnum opulus var. americanum, which is important to know if you buy plants for growing cranberries for your own consumption or to support wildlife. Highbush cranberries are multi-stemmed shrubs growing 10–15 feet tall and 10-12 […]


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Northern Catalpa Tree

June 18, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

       There was one northern catalpa tree in my neighborhood when I was a child.  I didn’t know what it was, but I loved that tree.  In June, it had clusters of large bell-shaped, ruffled white flowers with yellow stripes and purple spots inside, kind of a combination of petunia and iris and orchid, not […]


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Protect Oak Trees from Oak Wilt

April 2, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

        Before European settlement, most of Winnebago County was an oak savanna.  Oak trees were the main component of the plant community, but their density was low enough that grasses and other vegetation could thrive.  For a variety of reasons, today the oak savanna is one of the rarest plant communities on earth.         While […]


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The Mighty Oak

September 18, 2016 lawanda Newspaper Columns

There are almost 100 different species of oak native to the United States. They occur naturally in all of the 48 contiguous states except, oddly, Idaho. Probably the oak most Wisconsinites can identify is the white oak, whose leaves have the classic round-lobed shape.  The bur oak, one of the white oak group, is the […]


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Grow a Little Fruit Tree

February 21, 2016 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Every once in a while, a book comes along that changes everything you’ve believed about a particular topic.  “Grow a Little Fruit Tree” by Ann Ralph, is one that did so for me.  Pruning is something I have fairly good knowledge of but I never questioned one of the basic tenets, the one that decrees […]


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September 4, 2015 lawanda Magazine Columns

        The combination of hazelnuts with chocolate is almost as popular as the chocolate/peanut butter combo.  Nutella, the chocolate/hazelnut spread, probably has as many fans as do peanut butter cups. You might be surprised to learn that hazelnuts grow throughout Wisconsin and are found along trails, roadsides, fence rows and woodland edges in dry or […]


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Linden Trees Smell Good

July 5, 2015 lawanda Newspaper Columns

A sweet, sweet smell has permeated my neighborhood for the last week and it’s coming from my yard. The linden tree that shades the south side of my house is in full flower. Linden, also known as basswood, Latin name Tilia Americana, is not a tree for small landscapes. Lindens can grow nearly 100 feet […]


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Grow Your Own Superfruits: Aronia

March 16, 2014 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Health food magazine articles have frequently touted superfoods and superfruits the past few years.  While “superfood” and “superfruit” are marketing terms developed in 2005 and have no official FDA or USDA endorsement, it is generally understood that the terms refer to foods with highly concentrated nutrition in the form of heart-healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  […]


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