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The Majestic Oak

Along with maple, the tree that most Wisconsinites can identify is the mighty oak.  My entirely unscientific research turned up hundreds of poems written about oak trees, almost as many as are written about love and love lost.  Often people will leave an oak standing in an inconvenient location rather than fell it.  In 2004 [Continue]

What’s Wrong With My Tree?

        I enjoy receiving gardening questions from readers which is why I list my email address at the end of my column.  I invariably learn something new while making sure to provide thorough, science-based answers to the questions posed.  Sometimes I have to admit that I just don’t know the answer for sure and I [Continue]

Honeysuckle – A Sweet Invader

Who doesn’t adore the sweet smell of honeysuckle?  There is nothing more delightful than walking down a trail perfumed with honeysuckle in early June.  However, behind the sweetness lurks a wicked invader.  Those fragrant swaths of honeysuckle are unfortunately growing quickly larger and destroying all kinds of good things in their paths. There are many [Continue]

Higbush Cranberry

Highbush cranberry isn’t a true cranberry, although the berries are similar in both taste and appearance.  The Latin name is Viburnum opulus var. americanum, which is important to know if you buy plants for growing cranberries for your own consumption or to support wildlife. Highbush cranberries are multi-stemmed shrubs growing 10–15 feet tall and 10-12 [Continue]