Herbs to Relieve Holiday Stress

December 2, 2018 lawanda Newspaper Columns

There are many herbs that can help you relax when the holiday shopping, baking, wrapping and planning get to be too much.  While it’s too late for this year, three of them are easy to grow and harvest to be ready for next year’s holiday rush.  All three can be dried for tea or potpourri […]


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Growing Ginger in Wisconsin

April 15, 2018 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Ginger is an exotic plant that grows in climates far warmer than we have here in Wisconsin.  The good news is that we can grow it in containers either permanently indoors, or outdoors in full sun in summer and moved inside for the winter when night temperatures drop below 50° F. The part the ginger […]


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Hops Chosen 2018 Herb of the Year

February 4, 2018 lawanda Newspaper Columns

The International Herb Association has chosen hops as its 2018 Herb of the Year.  Hops are known for use in beer making, but also serve as pretty ornamental vines that have other uses as well.          Hops are a perennial vine with vigorous growth – up to one foot a day!  Vines get to 25 […]


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Cilantro/Coriander Named Herb of the Year 2017

March 5, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

The International Herb Association has chosen cilantro and coriander as the 2017 Herb of the Year.  It may seem as though they’ve chosen two herbs, but they’ve actually selected just one – coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant. People tend to either love or hate the taste of cilantro.  The taste has been […]


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What to do with Herbs in Winter

October 16, 2016 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Just like the plants in your flower garden, herbs can be annual or perennial plants.  Some of them will withstand a Wisconsin winter and grow again next year, while others will be killed by the lightest of frosts.       Basil is probably the herb most sensitive to cool temperatures.  Low 30s will turn the leaves […]


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Lovage is easier to grow than celery

April 3, 2016 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Celery can be grown in Wisconsin, but may be difficult to grow.  And it’s an annual plant so once it’s harvested, its life is over.       An easy-to-grow herb called lovage tastes just like celery and it’s perennial so it continues to produce year after year.  It dies back to ground level each winter and […]


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Peppers are 2016 Herb of the Year

February 7, 2016 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      The International Herb Association has chosen peppers as the Herb of the Year for 2016.  Peppers seem an odd choice, given that past winners have included plants that we more normally think of as herbs:  lavender, dill, sage, thyme, basil and rosemary.  However, one of the many definitions of an herb is a “useful […]


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More Easy Herbs

February 15, 2015 lawanda Newspaper Columns

One of the most rewarding parts of growing herbs is the pleasure you get from working around them in the garden.  Herbs give off lovely scents and brushing against them releases a delightful fragrance.  Here are some undemanding herbs for your garden. Parsley can be grown from seed, but it takes up to six weeks […]


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Grow some easy herbs this year

February 1, 2015 lawanda Newspaper Columns

One of the definitions of herbs is “the useful plants.”  What a dull and boring definition for a group of plants that impart so much joy through their beauty, scent, taste, and yes, usefulness. You need not have a dedicated herb garden to enjoy herbs.  They can be tucked into a flower bed or vegetable […]


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Herbal Gifts

December 7, 2014 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Herbal Gifts   Herbs from your garden can form the basis for a healing salve, lip balm, soothing hand cream or solid perfume.  All have the same three ingredients:  an herb-infused oil, beeswax and vitamin E oil.  Varying the amount of infused oil and beeswax is what changes the outcome. The first step is to […]


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