Hops Chosen 2018 Herb of the Year

February 4, 2018 lawanda Newspaper Columns

The International Herb Association has chosen hops as its 2018 Herb of the Year.  Hops are known for use in beer making, but also serve as pretty ornamental vines that have other uses as well.          Hops are a perennial vine with vigorous growth – up to one foot a day!  Vines get to 25 […]


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Laying out the Welcome Mat for Winter Wildlife

November 17, 2013 lawanda Newspaper Columns

How are you coming along with your fall yard and garden clean-up?  Still have a ways to go?  Wouldn’t it be much easier to leave the annuals standing, the perennials uncut, the leaves unraked and the brush piles unburned? You could just quit now and allow your yard to be a haven of shelter and […]


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Black plants in the garden

February 3, 2013 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Several years ago a fellow Master Gardener asked the group for information on black flowers because she wanted to make a black garden. I was a bit worried about her state of mind, but also intrigued because I had never seen a black flower. This year’s seed catalogs offer a plethora of black flowers, so […]


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Plant a theme garden

November 18, 2012 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Do you need a challenge to perk up your enthusiasm for gardening? Why not try a theme garden? A theme garden is a mix of plants related in some way. The connection between the plants may be very apparent or it may be a little more difficult for visitors to discern. The most obvious of […]


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Ornamental Grasses Shine if Fall

October 21, 2012 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Ornamental grasses can play a part in the summer garden, filling space and providing vertical interest, but fall is when they come into their own. Many of them develop deep rust, golden, or brown colors and their seed heads can be lacy, plumy or stiff. When the trees have lost their leaves, the annuals have […]


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Beyond mums for fall beauty

September 2, 2012 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Chrysanthemums are gorgeous and spectacular and an easy way to provide bright splashes of color in your fall landscape. There are other perennial plants, however, that will hold a place in flowerbeds all summer and bring forth their blooms in fall. Just when everything else in your perennial bed has petered out, chelone, pronounced chee-LOW-nee, […]


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July 1, 2012 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Isn’t it funny how you can have absolutely no interest in an entire group of plants and then you look at one of them one day and suddenly your interest is sparked? In my case, it happened with ferns.. There have been some ferns growing on the east side of my garage since we moved […]


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Surface Roots

May 6, 2012 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Just as a tree attains the majesty for which it is destined, its roots may begin to rise up from beneath the soil. These surface roots are difficult to mow and trim around and may cause a tripping hazard. While some tree species are more likely than others to form surface roots, the reason they […]


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The challenge of hellstrip gardening

April 1, 2012 lawanda Newspaper Columns

The three or four or seven-foot wide strip of grass or weeds between the street and sidewalk is mostly ignored by gardeners. But what an opportunity for gardeners to take on a new challenge! Typically this area, sometimes known as the “hellstrip,” is a hot, dry area subject to dogs doing their business, road salt, […]


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Consider Herbal Groundcovers

August 21, 2011 lawanda Newspaper Columns

When you hear the word “groundcover,” what is your immediate thought? Something to plant where grass won’t grow, maybe in a part of the yard you never visit or don’t want to mow? Boring, right? Things are about to change! Consider planting an herbal ground cover – suitable for those areas mentioned above, as well […]


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