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Healthy soil makes for healthy plants

November 26, 2003 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      The basic premise of organic gardening is that healthy soil will grow healthy plants.  Rather than feeding plants by adding chemical fertilizers to soil, which kills important soil microorganisms and makes the soil nothing more than something to hold the plants up, you need to make the soil itself healthy so the soil can […]


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Back to the basics: organic gardening

November 4, 2003 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      Many people are unsure exactly what is meant by organic gardening.        Although it wasn’t labeled as such, organic gardening was practiced way back when the Pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock.  Remember the story of the Indians teaching the Pilgrims to bury dead fish between the corn rows to help the corn grow better?  […]


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Avoid salt damage to plants

November 26, 2002 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Along with the Christmas decorations, local stores are stocked ceiling-high with bags of rock salt, the traditional fix for icy sidewalks and driveways.  Rock salt does a good job of de-icing, but it can seriously injure or kill plants growing nearby.             The most obvious damage occurs to turfgrass.  The salt kills the grass leaves, […]


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