Tree planting distances are important

June 19, 2011 lawanda Newspaper Columns

When my father-in-law passed away in 1997, my husband’s co-workers gave us a nursery gift certificate. We chose a nice ‘Autumn Blaze’ maple and planted it in the back yard, a good distance from all the other trees. When Grandma Koch saw the new tree, she immediately said it was too close to a mature […]


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Look for four-leaf clovers in your own lawn

March 16, 2011 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      On St. Patrick’s Day, our thoughts turn to shamrocks and searches for lucky four-leaf clovers.  You have to be pretty patient in your search though, since there is only one four-leaf clover for every ten-thousand three-leaf clovers.         Irish legend has it that St. Patrick used the three-leaf clover to represent the Holy Trinity.  […]


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Landscape with Native Plants

December 15, 2010 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Native plants are those that were growing in a particular area prior to European settlement.   Wisconsin has a wide variety of native plants because of our diverse landscape of prairies, woodlands and savannas.             Native plants aren’t just for people that have acreage to devote to restoring prairies!  There are many reasons to consider using […]


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Re-thinking the front yard

June 16, 2010 lawanda Newspaper Columns

What does your front yard say about you?  Anything at all?  Does it reflect who you are, or does it mirror every other front yard in the neighborhood?  Does what’s outside your front door have any relationship to those who live inside?             After settling into a home, most people eventually make their living space […]


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Even Master Gardeners make mistakes

December 2, 2009 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      Gardeners are continuously experimenting and learning and hopefully gaining some wisdom from their mistakes.       The gardening mistakes I’ve made over the years basically fall into three categories:   planting in the wrong lighting conditions, spacing plants improperly, and not recognizing that a plant is becoming invasive quickly enough.       When I first started gardening, […]


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My garden is moving!

October 7, 2009 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      My vegetable garden is a large rectangle running east–west along the northern boundary of our property.  Over the years, the open field north of our fence has grown up into a wooded area.  In mid-summer, even though the woods is north of the garden, it casts quite a bit of shade.  The garden once […]


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Edging flower beds neatly

June 17, 2009 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      Unless your landscape is very informal, it will look better with definite and neat edges between the lawn and the plantings.  There are several ways to do this and they vary in cost, effectiveness and ease of installation.        In our area of the country, the edgings that work the best are cut edges, […]


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Golden hakone grass: 2009 Perennial Plant of the Year

March 18, 2009 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      The Perennial Plant Association has named Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ (golden hakone grass) its perennial plant of the year for 2009.  It derives its name from “hakone” a region of Japan, and “chloa” the Greek word for grass.       The Perennial Plant Association describes their choice:  “Golden hakone grows 12-18 inches tall and 18-24 inches […]


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Planning a shade garden

February 4, 2009 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      My dairy farmer neighbors sold their herd last June and have turned their attention to landscaping their farmyard.  A year ago they hired a landscaping company who at great expense installed a small pond, put some plantings around it, planted a mis-labeled tree, and then went out of business.       I’ve been asked to […]


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Dead Nettle

September 29, 2008 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      Its name is rather off-putting for someone who wants to grow a nice plant, but dead nettle is a pretty solution for the oft-asked question, “What can I grow under my trees in the shade where grass won’t grow?”        Nettle implies something prickly or spiny, and dead, well dead implies dead.  Dead nettle […]


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