Caring for holiday plants

December 7, 2004 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      You’ve received a beautiful poinsettia for Christmas and you want to keep it looking nice as long as possible.  Or you’ve decorated a small Norfolk Island Pine instead of a big Christmas tree this year and want to keep it as a houseplant after the decorations come off.  What to do?       Many gift […]


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Forcing bulbs indoors

October 26, 2004 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      October is the time to plant tulips and other bulbs.  Then you wait, and wait, and wait, for April or May for them to bloom.  What if you didn’t have to wait that long?  What if you could have tulips and daffodils blooming in January or February and could enjoy them indoors?  Well, you […]


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Ways to kill houseplants

February 18, 2003 lawanda Newspaper Columns

As much as I love gardening, it’s terribly difficult to get inspired to write about it, and to find something seasonally appropriate in the middle of February.  This past weekend my sister-in-law asked me to try to rescue her dying houseplant and I found some helpful information from Paul James, The Gardener Guy, on the […]


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Gardens under glass

January 28, 2002 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Like many fads of the 1970s, terrariums are making a comeback.  Today they are called glass gardens, and this time they are in country-style reincarnations using household containers, antiques and flea-market finds.             You can use the old fish tank from the ‘70s or try something new – how about a glass water pitcher or […]


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January 1, 2001 lawanda Newspaper Columns

My husband and I are very lucky when it comes to winning door prizes at various banquets and holiday parties we attend, and sure enough, he won the poinsettia that was the beautiful centerpiece on our table at the Winnebago County Master Gardener Christmas party this year.  Although I do keep a few token houseplants, […]


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