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Baby Broccoli

August 17, 2014 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Every year I plant at least one new vegetable that I’ve never grown before.  This year I planted baby broccoli, also called sprouting broccoli.  Seed catalogs feature many varieties, each touting their own wonderful attributes. I chose Asparabroc Hybrid Baby Broccoli.  The “aspara” part comes from the word asparagus, but this is definitely a broccoli […]


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Tomato Success

May 18, 2014 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable garden plant.  Even gardeners who have space for nothing else often put a tomato plant in a pot on their porch or in a flower bed.  Tomatoes are easy to grow, but here are some tips to make them even more successful. There are a few things you should […]


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Grow Your Own Superfruits: Aronia

March 16, 2014 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Health food magazine articles have frequently touted superfoods and superfruits the past few years.  While “superfood” and “superfruit” are marketing terms developed in 2005 and have no official FDA or USDA endorsement, it is generally understood that the terms refer to foods with highly concentrated nutrition in the form of heart-healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  […]


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New Vegetables in My Garden This Year

January 19, 2014 lawanda Newspaper Columns

      After gardening for many years, I’m – fortunately – past the stage where I feel the need to grow every single thing out there.  Still, every year I try a few new things in the vegetable garden and flower beds.  Here’s a quick look at what is new for me this year in the […]


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Kale is Still Standing After Frost

November 3, 2013 lawanda Newspaper Columns

After the first hard frost of autumn blackened the basil, wilted the peppers and knocked down the nasturtiums, one plant still stood proudly in the vegetable garden – the kale. There are three types of kale and you are probably most familiar with the one that has been around the shortest time.  Ornamental kale with […]


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Don't Spray – Plants Can Defend Themselves!

September 15, 2013 lawanda Newspaper Columns

What happens when you see an insect chewing on your beans?  Do you immediately reach for some kind of spray?  You really don’t need to do that – as soon as the chewer landed on the plant and began snacking, the bean called for help.  It did this by releasing a complex of chemicals called […]


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September 5, 2013 lawanda Magazine Columns

Elderberry is a mostly forgotten shrub, often considered a weed along roads and trail sides, ditches and hedgerows.  The abundance of other sweeter, larger berries in grocery stores and farmer’s markets has made them borderline obsolete.    But that’s just why they are special.  You won’t find fresh, frozen or canned elderberries for sale commercially.  If […]


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An endive by any other name . . .

August 18, 2013 lawanda Newspaper Columns

I was so confused.  What was it that I actually planted?  You’ve heard Shakespeare’s line “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”?  That may be true of roses, but I planted endive and it sure didn’t look like the stuff in the grocery store. I meant to plant Belgian endive, a leafy […]


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Grafted Vegetable Plants

February 17, 2013 lawanda Newspaper Columns

You probably learned in middle school science class about how the top of one kind of apple tree is grafted onto the roots of another apple tree to make a better tree. This process is often used to “dwarf” a tree – a good productive tree top is grafted onto roots that will keep the […]


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Black plants in the garden

February 3, 2013 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Several years ago a fellow Master Gardener asked the group for information on black flowers because she wanted to make a black garden. I was a bit worried about her state of mind, but also intrigued because I had never seen a black flower. This year’s seed catalogs offer a plethora of black flowers, so […]


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