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Injury Causes Changes in Gardening

November 19, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

I hate to admit this even to myself, much less make it public, but this year I had physical limitations that changed the way I garden. I slipped on the ice last winter and unknowingly broke my back. It took many months for the pain to present itself, but when it did, oh boy! Gardening […]


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Compost is the Solution to Every Gardening Problem

November 5, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

I was recently tasked with summarizing the principles of organic gardening on just a half sheet of paper.  Given that there have been thousands of books and articles written on the topic, it was a tough assignment.  A search of the Winnefox Library system turned up 231 titles!        After some thought, I realized that […]


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Native Plants Shine in Autumn

September 3, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

There are two times of year when native plants are at their best  early spring when the spring ephemerals cover the forest floor, and late summer/early fall when the prairie plants shine. Here is a quick review of what native plants are and why we should plant them.  Natives are those that were growing in […]


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Mid-Summer is Time to Take Stock, Refresh

July 16, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Mid-summer is a good time to take a look around your yard and garden and decide what you like and what you don’t.  Go out to the street and approach your home from both directions, pretending to be a visitor.  What do you notice first?  Is there a plant that is too big, a container […]


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Consider Native Turtlehead

July 2, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

The colors of the late summer garden are mostly brilliant purples, reds, oranges and yellows.  Turtlehead is an easy-to-grow perennial plant native to our area whose late summer flowers provide a serene contrast to all that intensity with creamy white blooms. The Latin name for turtlehead is Chelone glabra.  “Chelone” is the Greek word for […]


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Northern Catalpa Tree

June 18, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

       There was one northern catalpa tree in my neighborhood when I was a child.  I didn’t know what it was, but I loved that tree.  In June, it had clusters of large bell-shaped, ruffled white flowers with yellow stripes and purple spots inside, kind of a combination of petunia and iris and orchid, not […]


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Invasive Plant Spurs Flower Bed Renovation

May 21, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

It was my own fault.  In my defense, I didn’t know any better at the time.  Here’s what happened that led to having to spend an entire afternoon digging every single plant out of one of my mother’s flower beds.       Twenty-six years ago, my husband and I purchased a home that had many beautiful […]


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Tips for Successful Tomato Planting

May 7, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable garden plan and one of the grow.  Even people who don’t have a dedicated vegetable garden often plant a tomato or two in flower beds or containers.        When buying young tomato plants, look for sturdy plants with healthy green leaves.  Avoid leggy plants and those with yellowed […]


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Protect Oak Trees from Oak Wilt

April 2, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

        Before European settlement, most of Winnebago County was an oak savanna.  Oak trees were the main component of the plant community, but their density was low enough that grasses and other vegetation could thrive.  For a variety of reasons, today the oak savanna is one of the rarest plant communities on earth.         While […]


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Cilantro/Coriander Named Herb of the Year 2017

March 5, 2017 lawanda Newspaper Columns

The International Herb Association has chosen cilantro and coriander as the 2017 Herb of the Year.  It may seem as though they’ve chosen two herbs, but they’ve actually selected just one – coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant. People tend to either love or hate the taste of cilantro.  The taste has been […]


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