Rain Gardens Protect our Rivers and Lakes

November 3, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

      When I first heard the term “rain garden” I thought it sounded so exotic, like something that would be located in the rain forest of the Amazon or perhaps the Pacific Northwest.  I soon learned that rain gardens can be installed anywhere it rains.  They are a way that all of us can improve […]


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Perpetual Spinach

October 20, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

        Spinach is easy to grow but even varieties touted as slow to bolt succumb to hot weather way too soon each summer.  There is an alternative in a plant from the beet family that is actually a chard, called perpetual spinach.  It tastes like neither beets nor chard, but like spinach.  In mid-October, my […]


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It’s Pumpkin Harvest Time

October 6, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

A bright orange pumpkin is not necessarily ready for harvest.  Full-sized pumpkins take 90-105 days from planting until they are ready to harvest while miniatures are ready in 70-90 days.  If you bought and planted seedlings, subtract seven days.          If you have no idea when you planted your pumpkins, there are other ways to […]


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The September Garden

September 15, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

September is a busy time in the garden, especially this year when everything seemed to get a late start.  If your garden is like mine, it’s just reaching peak vegetable and flower production.  There is still much to be done.       In the vegetable garden, harvesting of zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash and cucumbers continues.  […]


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The Majestic Oak

September 10, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

Along with maple, the tree that most Wisconsinites can identify is the mighty oak.  My entirely unscientific research turned up hundreds of poems written about oak trees, almost as many as are written about love and love lost.  Often people will leave an oak standing in an inconvenient location rather than fell it.  In 2004 […]


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Basil Downy Mildew

September 1, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

Just when you’re all ready to harvest big bunches of basil to make pesto, basil jam, a salad, a fruity basil drink or margherita pizza, you notice that your basil isn’t looking so good.  What happened?         Basil is generally easy to grow and has few problems, but there is a new basil disease, downy […]


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Ground Cherries are Prolific

August 18, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

The wet spring, the late June heat wave, the lack of pollinators, and a groundhog have conspired to make this year’s vegetable garden my worst ever.  I have had spectacular success with one plant though, and it’s a new one to my garden.         I planted one ground cherry plant, an inch tall seedling purchased […]


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Cool Purples for the Summer Flowerbed

August 4, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

      On these hot days of summer, it’s nice to have some cooler colors in the flowerbed instead of bright reds, oranges and yellows.  Here are three native plants that bloom in cool, restful purple and are at their peak right now.  As a reminder, native plants are those found in a particular area prior […]


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What’s Clogging My Boat Slip?

July 20, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

        My husband and I bought our first boat a few years ago, a used 1979, 17-foot Steury stern drive.  Neither of us had prior experience with boat ownership and we looked at several before deciding on this one.  It wasn’t until the boat became ours that we realized the significance of the fact that […]


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What’s Wrong With My Tree?

July 7, 2019 lawanda Uncategorized

        I enjoy receiving gardening questions from readers which is why I list my email address at the end of my column.  I invariably learn something new while making sure to provide thorough, science-based answers to the questions posed.  Sometimes I have to admit that I just don’t know the answer for sure and I […]


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