October 31, 2017 lawanda Uncategorized

I thought somebody threw spaghetti in the ditch!  Again.  Actually I have found spaghetti in the ditch along our country road, among many other strange things.  I’m sure Badger Sportsman readers aren’t the ones bringing their broken TVs, couches, bags of salt, pumpkin pies, old tires, deep fryers, kittens, dogs and yard waste out to […]


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Higbush Cranberry

October 15, 2017 lawanda Uncategorized

Highbush cranberry isn’t a true cranberry, although the berries are similar in both taste and appearance.  The Latin name is Viburnum opulus var. americanum, which is important to know if you buy plants for growing cranberries for your own consumption or to support wildlife. Highbush cranberries are multi-stemmed shrubs growing 10–15 feet tall and 10-12 […]


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Non-Traditional Tulips

October 1, 2017 lawanda Uncategorized

One of the first flowers children learn to draw are tulips.  A few curved petals, a stem, and two pointy leaves.  There are some beautiful tulips that look just like those simple drawings, but others differ greatly.  Some look like peonies or roses or carnations.  Others look like no flower you’ve seen before. ‘Queensland’ is […]


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Advice for Fall Clean-up

September 17, 2017 lawanda Uncategorized

Some gardeners are scrupulous about pulling everything out or cutting everything back before winter comes.  Others leave the entire job for spring.  The ideal is probably somewhere in between. You should pull up and compost all annual flowers and vegetable plants.  As an alternative to adding plant debris to the compost bin, dig big holes […]


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It’s Aster Time!

September 27, 2015 lawanda Uncategorized

Scores of mums are shouting from door-side displays at every big box store in town this time of year. Mums are short-lived, if they survive at all once out of their pots. The native plant counterpart that provides a much longer lasting splash of fall color than that of mums are the asters. Asters do […]


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December 21, 2014 lawanda Uncategorized

Here in Wisconsin, mistletoe comes to mind only at Christmas time, and then only to those hoping to kiss or be kissed beneath it.  Come January, nobody gives it another thought.  It’s not that way in some parts of the U.S., but we’ll get to that later. The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe comes […]


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